Drink Less; Live Better

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Sarah Williamson

Sarah is the author of the best-selling book Drink Less; Live Better and the host of The Drink Less; Live Better Podcast.

Founder, speaker, author

I am the founder of Drink Less; Live Better – a movement based upon my own experience of deciding to cut back how much I drank as I realised it wasn’t helping my anxiety, low level brain fog or productivity. I decided ‘enough was enough’ and stopped drinking in 2019… well, I actually decided ‘enough was enough’ in 2017 but it took me another two and a half years to pluck up the courage to do something about it.

I share tools and techniques to help us examine our thoughts, feelings and the actions that lead us to rely on a drink. I talk about living in alignment with our values and our purpose and share what worked well for me on my journey to reducing the amount I drank to eventually stopping for a while as a life experiment.

A Definitive Guide

I share my story of how I thought I’d be lonely, miserable and boring without alcohol, how I thought my friends would think I had a problem with alcohol if I stopped drinking it and I thought I was supposed to have a rock bottom moment or go to rehab so everyone would think my choice was justified.

Somewhat ironically I had spent twelve years working in Youth Justice and talking to young people about their substance use everyday before I noticed that many of the words coming out of my mouth sounded useful and I could perhaps do with listening to them myself.

I don’t judge – I know what it feels like to pour yourself a glass of something cold to relieve overwhelm, boredom, loneliness or indeed to inject some fun or celebration. By the end of my drinking career I was drinking well under the UK government guidelines for ‘low level’ risk drinking but still wondering why I wasn’t feeling great. I blamed ‘a busy life,’ perimenopause and any other external or ‘beyond her control’ factor I could think of.

Turns out the power to change something was always in my hands and the decision to do something different was finally made. Choosing to treat a period of time without alcohol as an experiment allowed me to bring curiosity and interest to what I was doing and I now share it publicly with an ever growing audience.

I speak with authority and kindness about a subject which is still stigmatised. I support and motivate audiences to see that when we make our choice to change our relationship with alcohol we can view it through the lens of excitement and joy and not deprivation and the judgement of others. I love this work!

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Sarah is the author of the best-selling book Drink Less; Live Better and the host of The Drink Less; Live Better Podcast.