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Sarah Williamson

1:1 coaching programme for developing managers and team leaders

Experienced coach, mentor and wellbeing consultant

Emotional turmoil tends not to look dramatic but for the person experiencing it, it often feels heavy and difficult to manage alone. We tend to offer the contact details for our Employee Assistance Programme as a first approach and if there is access to good quality counselling there – that’s a great start. Often someone needs more forward focused support.

Sarah’s coaching is forward focussed with an individual’s vision in mind. The bespoke approach means that an individual has the opportunity to talk about where they are right now professionally and personally and make an actionable plan to make progress towards where they’d like to be in the short and medium term.

Sarah works with people experiencing isolation and disconnection every week and knows that giving people time, undivided attention and empathy reduces stress and overwhelm. Sarah supports her clients to explore their feelings and reach a better understanding of their situations and the options available to them.

The action-oriented strategies support progression towards overcoming blocks and next steps in their career development.

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Sarah Williamson 121 Coach

How can I help you?

A safe space is crucial for personal growth. Sarah ensures that her coaching sessions provide a confidential and non-judgmental environment where you can openly express yourself, she is warm, understanding and empathetic.
Sarah has particular expertise and a developed focus on:

Managing your time and energy in difficult or challenging periods of life and/or career

Communication skills with those you are closest to professionally and personally

Developing your own physical and emotional well-being plan

1:1 coaching packages are priced at 10 sessions for £2500 including support in between sessions via email.

Why Choose Sarah?

My programmes give attendees the opportunity to learn how to balance their professional and personal commitments by using the tools I teach and studying the resources I provide, I can also provide implementation support in 1:1 sessions

Sarah Williamson Speaker

Sarah knows how important the conversations around our mental health are in the workplace, she also knows how difficult they can be to start and to continue.

Sarah is a brilliant facilitator of discussions, she is without judgement and brings care, warmth and empathy to support your people to feel heard and understood.




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If you are looking for someone to engage and inspire on the subject of well-being – Sarah is a safe bet! You’ll get candid lived experience on the subjects of your choosing and can include physical disability, life threatening illness, mental health challenges and addiction to name a few cheerful starting points.

Thank you so much for your precious time and gentle guidance over the last four weeks. I have made so many positive changes to my life. I so needed to talk directly to someone about the things particular to me. I am so glad and grateful that I was able to do that with you, thank you.