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Inspirational speaker for your workplace

Sarah Williamson

Don’t book Sarah if your looking for grey, corporate and insipid. Book Sarah if your looking for vibrant, relatable and remarkable.

Experienced speaker and facilitator

Allow Sarah to lead or enhance your workplace well-being programme or event, she’s an experienced speaker and facilitator and will support you to deliver thought provoking and genuinely interesting talks or workshops that lead to clarity of thought and invigorated plans for professional or personal development.  Once your workforce has clarity and an action plan they’ll have hope and inspiration.


Having developed strategies for overcoming overwhelm herself, Sarah has been on both sides of the fence and now focuses on supporting those who are perpetually overwhelmed and cannot pause long enough to find their own solution.  Allow Sarah to take on the specialist role of Overwhelm “Overcomer” in your workplace.

Sarah Inspirational workplace speaker
Sarah Williamson Inspirational Speaker

How can Sarah help you?

If you are looking to develop your transformation leads, your well-being champions, your Employee Resource Group Chairs, your talent, engagement, retention and communication leaders, your team leaders, your managers and anyone else passionate about DEI in the workplace I can help you with this.

Tailored well-being talks

Bespoke workshops

Keynote speaker at employee well-being events

Host or facilitator on staff away days

I’m also available to book to visit team days away from the office.

Why Choose Sarah?

My programmes give attendees the opportunity to learn how to balance their professional and personal commitments by using the tools I teach and studying the resources I provide, I can also provide implementation support in 1:1 sessions

Sarah knows how important the conversations around our mental health are in the workplace, she also knows how difficult they can be to start and to continue.

Sarah is a brilliant facilitator of discussions, she is without judgement and brings care, warmth and empathy to support your people to feel heard and understood.

Small group workshops

Larger group talks

1:1 support


Hear Sarah speak…

If you are looking for someone to engage and inspire on the subject of well-being – Sarah is a safe bet! You’ll get candid lived experience on the subjects of your choosing and can include physical disability, life threatening illness, mental health challenges and addiction to name a few cheerful starting points. Sarah’s positivity shines through; she’s a lighthouse and a safe house, a beacon of hope!