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Sarah Williamson

Working within companies, I help HR teams, team leaders and line managers have difficult conversations that have typically been awkward to have in corporate settings.  


In my work as a coach and mentor, I see themes of confidence, mindset and productivity coming up most. Working within companies, I help HR teams, team leaders and line managers have difficult conversations that have typically been awkward to have in corporate settings.  We want a resilient and buoyant workforce who are making progress towards their professional and personal objectives and goals.

Experienced coach, mentor and wellbeing consultant

Sarah shares her approach to holistic wellbeing along with practical and actionable tools your workforce can deploy immediately.

Question: How can we support our workforce best when their mental well-being is compromised?

Answer: Conversations with individualised actionable strategies to implement.

Perhaps someone might panic about saying the wrong thing when someone is talking about their emotional wellbeing? Perhaps they’re worried about causing more harm than good? Perhaps they feel like they don’t have the right advice to give to someone going through a difficult time?

Maybe the manager doesn’t know how to dig deeper to understand what’s coming up for the team member, the manager doesn’t know whether they should pry or the manager has a lot on their own plate.

How do you feel about these situations?:

  • A team member says to a line manager “I’m having a hard time.”
  • When someone says “I think I’m developing some unhealthy coping mechanisms.”
  • When one of the team says “I’m finding everything so hard and I don’t know how to prioritise what I need to do.”

The obvious solutions include asking “Have you spoken to a friend, have you been in contact with your doctor, have you thought about AA, have you tried writing a list?”

These questions are all conversation CLOSERS.

Let me support your managers and leaders to have OPEN conversations with the people in your workplace who really matter, let’s work together to build trust / rapport / retain staff.

Difficult / awkward conversions at work are often born out of how little we listen to each other.

Sarah Williamson Inspirational Speaker

How can I help you?

Sarah offers guidance on:

  • When to listen
  • How to show support
  • When/if you could offer solutions/suggestions
  • Understanding if someone just needs to be heard and understood

It’s important that employee wellbeing programmes make a tangible impact – both for individual staff members and their businesses.

Effectively encouraging healthy behaviour in the workplace has never been easy, but as the world has changed so too have the ways we need to support employees.

If you’re questioning how to get maximum value from your investment of time and resources – while actually supporting productivity and the wellbeing of employees in a way that’s inclusive and engaging let Sarah support you.

Let’s get clear on:

How employees' wellbeing needs are evolving in our constantly changing world

How workplace wellbeing programmes are rising to these challenges as employee demand continues to increase

What we know about what's effective and what's not when it comes to supporting staff

How to support staff in an engaging and inclusive way - with a focus on prevention

With health and productivity under pressure, who’s responsibility is it to fill the gap?

No manager needs to feel anxious or ill equipped to open a difficult conversation and no employee needs to feel exposed or judged when they tell their truth.

I support HR professionals, managers, learning and development leads and wellbeing champions to learn the art and science of listening to difficult stories, understanding narratives and helping their staff to thrive when their personal and professional lives collide.

We know that nurturing a diverse and inclusive workforce means more than expecting those who are pregnant, on medication or driving to be the only ones who are choosing not to drink at workplace social events.

We can review your entertainment/socialising/team building offers. Have you accidently normalised drinking with free bars, drinks as part of dinner packages and included alcohol in hampers/gift packs or as prizes. Let’s take a look at the impact of this.

The work I facilitate on my wellbeing days is not workshops, seminars or talks – it’s transformational conversations – next level listening, reflection and trust.

I work in a mix of formats and change my approach according to what suits best for your workplace culture.

Support for small groups, individuals, off-site social/activity days available

Example programme: one small group session (90mins) with a further conversation (60 mins) to discuss particular situations – delivered in your office London/Surrey £5000 plus VAT

Why Choose Sarah?

My programmes give attendees the opportunity to learn how to balance their professional and personal commitments by using the tools I teach and studying the resources I provide, I can also provide implementation support in 1:1 sessions

Sarah Williamson Speaker

Sarah knows how important the conversations around our mental health are in the workplace, she also knows how difficult they can be to start and to continue.

Sarah is a brilliant facilitator of discussions, she is without judgement and brings care, warmth and empathy to support your people to feel heard and understood.





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If you are looking for someone to engage and inspire on the subject of well-being – Sarah is a safe bet! You’ll get candid lived experience on the subjects of your choosing and can include physical disability, life threatening illness, mental health challenges and addiction to name a few cheerful starting points. Sarah’s positivity shines through; she’s a lighthouse and a safe house, a beacon of hope!